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Imaginator 8.0

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Imaginator 8.0 Highlights:

New file format accommodating multiple floating cuts

New improved alpha channel

Flatten image when exporting to tiff

Export to layered Photoshop format

Optimized for computers with dual Xeon or better,

running  Windows 7 or better


 Imaginator 8.0 boosts speed, power and performance on Windows 7.

For the serious photographer, retoucher, or digital artist whose creativity has outgrown entry-level imaging programs,  Imaginator announces Imaginator 8.0, a professional-level retouching and compositing program. Boasting a solid, craftsmanlike feel and a rich selection of advanced production tools, Imaginator 8.0 gains unrivaled speed, power and performance through its new introduction on the Windows 7® platforms.

Achieving its greatest performance boost under Windows 7, Imaginator 8.0 performs image editing in near real time, with some operations running Five or more times faster than in version 7.0. Imaginator users also reap enormous productivity gains from the multitasking capabilities of Windows XP x64. By dividing image tasks between separate windows, all running at the same time, users can process two or more operations at once. And for sites with multiprocessor systems, imaging tasks are automatically handled by separate processors, ensuring dramatic increases in raw power and throughput.

Imaginator 8.0 provides seamless compatibility with existing peripherals, software, and device drivers, while integrating naturally into environments using high-end 3D and illustration packages. On Windows7, the Imaginator’s design remains clean, efficient and highly intuitive: Its unique, pop-up iconic interface eliminates screen clutter, with no unnecessary palettes, windows, or toolbars to interfere with image viewing and working.

Imaginator 8.0 provides the ideal working environment for deadline- and budget-conscious retouchers, photographers, and service bureaus. In just seconds, the program can open high-resolution images over 400 Mb in size. It also makes quick work of complex compositing jobs by letting retouchers work on full-resolution images in three independent image layers, all perfectly registered.

Imaginator 8.0 inputs and outputs Tiff and photoshop format. The program’s powerful batch-processing capabilities allow unattended image transformations and file translations, thereby maximizing productivity even after business hours. And for incomparable color accuracy, Imaginator 8.0 includes Color Advantage™, Imaginator's own color matching and closed-loop color calibration software.

Imaginator 8.0 will be available as a stand-alone program for Windows XP or better.

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