Imaginator Software

System requirements:
To use Imaginator 8.0, you need the following hardware and software.
(These apply to Intel or compatible platforms).



Xeon or better. (dual core recommended)
Support for multi processing

Will not run on PIII or older



Windows 32 bit: 1024 MB (2024 MB or more recommended).

Windows 64 bit: 2048 MB (4096 MB or more recommended)



Microsoft Windows7 or better



A color monitor with any video adapter compatible with Windows XP
(24 or 32 bit color depth recommended).  



A hard drive with at least 25 MB of free space plus space for images

(150GB recommended).



A CD-ROM drive.
A Wacom tablet.

Optional Components:
Imaginator 8.0 supports the following optional components:

Quality trackball for image navigation.


Additional Software Required:
Additional software is required to view support files included on the Imaginator 8.0 CD-ROM and for optional components.


Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the interactive user manual (not included).

This document is intended for informational purposes only,
specifications subject to change without notice.